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Few musicians claim to be based out of Spokane Washington and while I am not certain that James Pants actually spends a majority of his time there its unique nonetheless. I have been a big fan of his for awhile now and am especially excited about his new record due out soon. Check out "Thin Moon" a psychedelic mix of synths and bass off the upcoming James Pants release Seven Seals coming out Dec 8th. Thin Moon is released as a 7”, as the 1st single off the album. Take a listen:

Buy: Get the record here.

photo by evasèe

3 interested person(s)

Ben said... @ 11/14/2009 01:40:00 PM

do people have to witness music being played in Spokane to believe it happens?

k. said... @ 11/16/2009 07:14:00 PM

haha i think so...

Dasa PJ said... @ 11/22/2009 02:56:00 PM

I can't wait for this album...Good stuff (yet again).

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