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James Yancey might be more mainstream in death than he ever was in life. His mainstream certainly has nothing to do with his talent. One of the most gifted and influential hip hop producers of all time and largely unrecognized until his tragic death in 2006. Several posthumous albums have already been released and others are planned, the massive amounts of unreleased recordings by the producer remain at this point are still undetermined and Yancey's estate has also been controverted. Rapster has been releasing a series called Dillanthology. Consisting of three volumes the latest one came out this month.

The last volume contains some of the best tracks of the Stones Throw released Donuts and Rough Draft and some of Jay's best work with Madlib as Jaylib. For all intents and purposes one of the best tracks of all time in my opinion is on this record with "Nothing Like This." Check out a track. His production skill is really phenomenal.

I think that Yancey really illustrates how the music industry and what used to be "art" has evolved. You listen to his productions and they are so diverse so deep. Today no person is producing like this. Nobody is spending the time pushed by profits. As somebody said capitalism has killed art and music. There are few mainstream artists anymore. Just over produced fame and money hungry fronts for the label people. Sure there is stuff that is catchy but there really isn't much out there that is deep.

Get more here. Read more here.

RIP James Yancey.

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