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On the heels of the successful Friends of Friends series releases (Vol 1. Daedelus and Jogger, and Vol. 2 Larytta and Bauchamp), FoF Music is gearing up for their first full-length release, Been Meaning to Tell You by AG friend/artist/blog re-designer Ernest Gonzales. In anticipation of the release, they are releasing an EP, Self Awakening, by Gonzales.

The EP features the title track in addition to two alternate versions, a remix by Faunts and a cover by Take. The EP also includes "We Can Live in the Forest," another Gonzales original, as well as covers by Cyne, Mexicans with Guns, and Yppah. Check out the remix by Florida based hip hop group Cyne below.

Head over to his site/blog at Been Meaning to Tell You.

photo of Austin sky by DigiDragon

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