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Chicago is all of a sudden getting cold and when it gets cold outside and I have to say I enjoy being able to wear a hooded sweatshirt and jeans again. When its cold its always nice to relax to some jazz or laid back ambient type beats. Here some new stuff out of Italy. NHeap is moniker of Massimo Discepoli, amusician from Italy (Assisi, Perugia specifically). His new album is Skymotion, is a pleasant mix between jazz, electronic, ambient, avant-garde, experimental and melodic. I recommend you check out a couple tracks.

Mp3: NHeap - "Gravitational Assist"

Download: Get the album free here until October 30th then it will be available on iTunes and others online vendors.

photo of the The Huge Peace Kite - Perugia-Assisi Peace's March by Osvaldo_Zoom.

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