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I got the opportunity to see two nights of Pearl Jam at the United Center this week. Sunday night's show was amazing and it really displayed why this is the greatest American rock band of the last decade. On Monday I had great seats, however they recycled many of the songs from the Sunday night set which I always find a bit disappointing. Regardless, its great to see a group that is still making great music and that conjures up such great memories of the past.

This new video is the first single from the upcoming release, Backspacer, which is September 20th and worldwide September 22. Video I believe was shot at the Showbox in Seattle, WA a place were I frequented growing up and in college. Pearl Jam is releasing this record independently which is always a cool concept. I should also mention that I think its great when bands use your celebrity to promote great causes. So many bands in this contemporary era just sit back and let the checks roll in. Always refreshing when bands add some social and political commentary.

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Derek Jordan said... @ 8/30/2009 02:03:00 AM

I would somewhat agree with bands using their celebrity to bring issues into awareness. Its a worthy cause as long as it doesn't come to the expense of the music. For example, Pearl Jam's album "Riot Act" was bad. I think all the emphasis was based on political issues as Veder neglected the music.

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