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Dam-Funk's debut album Toeachizown will be released this Fall as a 5/LP set - two and a half hours of music - with CD version to follow. Mr. Funk has already released the first two parts of this set. Vol. 1 is LAtrik and Vol. 2 is Fly, the collection is Dam-Funk's venture into the genre he calls "electric-space-funk" and in my opinion is the coolest sound in 2009. If you have had the pleasure of listening to the first two volumes you are certainly excited about the idea of the completed record. Check out a track off of Vol. 2.

Mp3: Dam-Funk - "10 West"

Buy: Get Vol. 2 here and Vol. 1 here.

It is highly likely that Dam-Funk is coming to a place near you and I recommend you check out his set. I saw him here in Chicago at Sonotheque and it was awesome. He is even coming to Japan for my overseas readers! I know I have a couple.

Upcoming shows
Aug 18: Dam-Funk, Ortley Beach, NJ
Aug 19: Dam-Funk, Foxboro, MA
Aug 20: Dam-Funk, Portland, ME
Aug 21: Dam-Funk, Burlington, VT
Sep 09: Dam-Funk, West Hollywood
Sep 18: Dam-Funk, Tokyo
Sep 19: Dam-Funk, Osaka
Sep 20: Dam-Funk, Kanazawa
Sep 21: Dam-Funk, Morioka City, JP
Sep 22: Dam-Funk, Sendai City, JP

5 interested person(s)

Jack Prest said... @ 8/18/2009 11:28:00 AM

Dam is on the One! Rumour he may even be making it to Australia...

bentham said... @ 8/18/2009 03:59:00 PM

he's an AG reader too!


kevin said... @ 8/19/2009 03:57:00 AM

Dam brings the FUNK!

Saw him live for the US Stones Throw Tour back in May I believe it was.

This guy brings it.

k. said... @ 8/19/2009 06:22:00 PM

He certainly does I know I am a huge Stones Throw blowhard but this stuff is so so good.

jlb said... @ 8/29/2009 11:19:00 AM

This is it

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