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When you think of electronic artists I am sure you think of pale skinned basement dwelling types, working nobs and recording odd instruments. This couldn't be further from the truth for Gaslamp Killer (GLK). The resident DJ at the world renowned Low End Theory club night, the Gaslamp Killer will shatter your ill concieved notion electronic DJs straight away. My dude Jeff over at one of the best run blogs on the planet had this to say about the event:

LA’s abstract beat culture what The Smell is to punk rock. The music scene’s getting so good out here, it’s making it almost impossible for me to talk s**t–which poses a dire dilemma. GLK is one of the reasons why.
The aptly named slasher has received acclaim for his turntable skills and larger-than-life stage presence. Mr. Gaslamp Killer is set to unleash his highly anticipated debut release, My Troubled Mind EP August 4th on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint. While a short seven songs it offers an enterance into GLK's exploration of otherworldly soundscapes.

Gaslamp Killer - "Anything Worse"

Buy: Get the record on August 4th here.

"Can there really be anything worse than what is on the way?"

3 interested person(s)

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