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Maybe this is a bit self serving but I guess that is how it works. Here is a new track from the new wave, electronic outfit Pollyn. Pollyn is made up of Genevieve Artadi, Anthony Cava, and Adam Jay Weissman. They began collaborating in 1999 in LA. They create a great blend of atmospheric type pop. Sade comes to mind when listening to this track. But other stuff is more in the new wave vein.

Their first full length album entitled, This Little Night featuring Kristian Riley and Dave Cooley (Silversun Pick Ups and Darker My Love respectively). Pollyn is also doing a show June 8th at The Echo in LA. Analog Giant is featured on the flyer which is exciting and wierd at the same time. Exciting that its a band that I actually enjoy and am feeling at the moment. Wierd that its in LA at a club that I have never been too. Ah well just excited about the opportunity. If you are in LA you should go as the Gaslamp Killer and Big Moves Band will also be there.

Did I mention how excited I am to be helping out all three of these great groups? Answer is very. Check out a track from Pollyn's record.

Buy: Get Pollyn's record here.

photo by Benjiec

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