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Daedelus one of my favorite artists and just a nice dude has a new recording coming out with Jogger (who I know nothing about). Their record is Friends of Friends Volume 1 which I assume at some point will be followed up by other volumes which is true and the concept is a cool one.

Friends of Friends or FOF invites an artist to join them to do a split EP; they in turn invite another musician or group to complete the split release and commission a designer to create the EP’s artwork as well. There is also some other promo stuff that goes along with it with a limited edition T-Shirt and a download card. Its kind of like an elementary school chain letter type concept event one person who invites another person etc. Anyways, this initial effort is fantastic. Check out a track.

Get more info about the project here.

photo by neil365.

1 interested person(s)

Alex said... @ 3/04/2009 10:54:00 PM

great split! stoked to see what else friends of friends has to offer in the future..

but most importantly, the three jogger tracks on the split are INSANE! love daedelus' tracks, as always, but jogger's contribution is a massive eye-opener. definitely worth checking out :-)

thanks for the great blog...

-alex, kexp (seattle)

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