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I would be remised to not mention the upcoming MF Doom release. While I think that Doom is an aquired taste I do really enjoy his records. Born Daniel Dumile in the UK Doom has an impressive list of releases. Mm...Food is a hip hop classic released in 2004 and his work with producers Dangermouse and Madlib have produced true gems. His latest record is under just Doom and is called Born Like This and is due out March 24th. This will be his first solo release since Mm..Food.

Mp3: MF Doom - "That's That" (link thanks to Spine Magazine)

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nomnomnom said... @ 4/01/2009 02:42:00 PM

its that styrax gum beat off the special herbs vol 3 mix from like 5 years ago.

i guess that only makes it half new.

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