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I have been a fan of Telefon Tel Aviv ever since I heard their track "TTV" back in 2001 that really got me hooked on that glichy spacced out techno that I am all about. Telefon Tel Aviv was founded in 1999 by Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis in New Orleans. The duo has been in Chicago since moving in 2001. Their new record Immolate Yourself was released on January 20th and would be a celebration had it not been over shadowed by the tragic death of Charles Cooper on the 22nd.

Immolate Yourself showcases something a bit different than typical Telefon Tel Aviv. Its more plush and fluid rather than glichy and sparse. Check out a track and my thoughts are certainly with Cooper's family and Joshua Eustis.

Buy: Get the record here.

photo by Fenchurch!

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