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Sorry been awhile since I posted. Was in the Hoosier state for a conference but I am back in Chicago now. Bloomington is a nice place and IU was cooler than I thought. Was difficult to get much on the radio outside of Jesus talk. Guess I didn't realize that part of Indiana was in the bible belt.

Anyways, have some exciting hip hop to tell you about. Quite Nyce is a member of the group RADIx and Raydar who is affiliated with Short Bus Alumni and Project Move had never worked together until this. There new album is Champs Vs. The League due out March 24th via Brick Records. Record features Akil of Jurassic 5, Project Move and Soulstice of Wade Waters as well. Check out a track off the upcoming record.

And yes I believe that is a Zelda NES cartriage around Raydar Ellis' neck.