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What did you expect from me? President Obama gives an absolutely wonderful and galvanizing speech this evening. Did a wonderful job of interweaving so many problems into a common theme. In such bleak times it is reassuring to have such a capable and intelligent leader. I am certainly looking forward to the future. It certainly will be "something worthy to remember."

Great pre-speech moment between Obama and Justice Ginsberg.Glad to see that she is back and serving this nation again. Governor Jindal's monotone rebuttal bombs. He attempts to be humorous at the onset with no luck. Then he proceeds to unpack the same old excuse the Repulicans always use, that big government is the problem. They must be nihilists because at this point in this mess (that they created) they are down to big government being the only solution. Its time the Republicans become part of the solution and not the problem.

photo by Doug Mills of the NY Times

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