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Looking forward to the week ahead. Big one for me in Chicago. Check out the lineup.

Tuesday, Dec. 9th - Sebastian Tellier at Shubas.
Thursday, Dec. 11th - Chicago Bears versus the New Orleans Saints.
Saturday, Dec. 13th - Dam Funk and Mayer Hawthorne at Sonotheque.

Excited about this week. Wife and I are going to be able to check out awesome stuff. Chicago truly is the best city in American...but maybe I am a bit biased?

photo by Rasidel Slika.

1 interested person(s)

Kira said... @ 1/15/2009 11:09:00 PM

Wow I wish they had something like that down here in California! I mean there are a lot of people down here and it would most definitely be a memorable day in a kodak moment type of history!
It really does look like a fun event and I wonder what other events like it they have planned! :)
With events like this Im sure with its positivity it will only enhance smiles all around the world!
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