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My favorite tracks of 2008-albums to follow soon. Hard to place these in order and to pick just a handful of songs as 2008 was a good year in music. Love to hear everyones thoughts. I know that this list is lacking some big names and is light on indie records, but these are the songs that fit into the box of music that I enjoy.

1. Kanye West "Paranoid" - Large amounts of Kanye detrators out there but love the sound of this track.
2. TV on the Radio "Crying" - My favorite rock song of 2oo8.
3. Hercules and Love Affair "Blind" - Disco is alive in 2008. Awesome debut record and this is the best track on the record.
3. Santogold "Shove It" - Guess the album was official in 2008. This is my favorite song on a great record.
4. Q-Tip "Gettin Up" - If it wasnt for my fanatical love for "Paranoid" this would be my favorite hip hop track of 2008.
5. Estelle "Come on Over" - Damn, so good.
6. John Legend feat. Andre 3000 "Green Light" - Best pop/R&B track of 2008. How can you not want to dance when you hear this? Andre 3000 could rap for days and it would be cool with me.
7. Raphael Saadiq "Big Easy" - Blast from the past. Is it 1969? Vintage stuff here done perfectly.
8. Looptroop Rockers "The Building" - Who knew swedes could make such fantastic hip hop?
9. Air France "Collapsing At Your Doorstep" - Amazing, sweeping electronic track. "Sort of like a dream...no better."
10. Jamie Lidell - "Another Day" - Many mock him and his soul revival sound. I am not one of those people.
11. The Knux "Bang Bang!" - Ohh damn this is fun.
12. Lindstrom "Where You Go I Go Too" - Best song off the best record of 2008.
13. Ratatat "Mirando" - Best track off a great record. I guess if they arent mashing up hip hop tracks people forget about them.
14. The Cool Kids "What Up Man" - Chicago is the center of the hip hop world in 2008.
15. Kidz in the Hall "Work To Do" - Best political related jam and the best of a host of great Obama related music (sorry Cocoa Tea your track was my 2nd favorite).
16. Black Milk "Give the Drummer Some"

photo by serhio.

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double L said... @ 12/31/2008 12:22:00 AM

Nice list. Happy New Year man!

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