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Made it down to Grant Park just as Senator McCain was giving his concession speech. The crowd at Grant Park was in the best of spirits and everyone was there to celebrate Senator Obama and the people that supported him's historical victory.

This is only the beginning, as the President-elect reminded the massive crowd last night. "Change has come to America" certainly, but voting for that change is the start, not the finish. We all need to do more than vote. The democratic party has a huge task and America resoundly put it in their lap to fix this epic mess (56 seats in the senate, 251 in the house). With great hope comes great responsibility. I couldn't be more excited about being in downtown Chicago last night. Entire city blocks were closed as people celebrated. Filled with hope and a common purpose to make this place, this America, our America a better place.

We did it.

It's been a long time coming.

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