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I can't count how many 808's and Heartbreak leaks are out there right now. At this rate the whole record can probably be found on the internets, well 4 of the 11 tracks at least. Fellow Chi resident blogger Mr. Tibbs has two new tracks "Robocop" and "Coldest Winter". For those that don't know the whole album is sung by West with the aid of Auto-Tune. I have enjoyed the first two leaks but I still don't know what my take on entire album sung with Auto-Tune is going to be like.

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g said... @ 11/01/2008 01:45:00 PM

This album is going to suck so much. Both of these songs are totally awful - the only reason these are getting any play is cause it's Kanye and he'll bitch out anyone who tries to spit some truth on his megalomaniacal parade.

I hearby nominate "808s and Heartbreak" for the Milli Vanilli Award for EPIC FAIL.

K said... @ 11/01/2008 02:39:00 PM

not sure about these latest tracks i liked "love lockdown" and "heartless" but I am still not convinced Ill want to hear a whole album of kanye in auto-tune. and you wont find a more kanye lover than myself.

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