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A record with only 3 tracks? Are you serious? Well Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is quite serious and he takes his cosmic disco sound to new heights. Literally while three are only three tracks the three tracks are spaced out gems ranging from 10 minutes to 28 mins in length. The Guardian explains "that every aspect of the record seems tailor-made to produce maximum pleasure: washes of sound soothe and restore, melodic climaxes send blood rushing to the head."

In all its symphonic grandeur Lindstrom in my eyes has taken my top record of 2008 spot. I might be a bit biased here picking a dude from my fatherland but this record is a bit better than my previous favorite (Air France's No Way Down).

Listen: Lindstrøm - "The Long Way Home"

Mp3: Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Essential Mix on UK's BBC Radio 1 (megaupload)

Lindstrøm states that record is "...perfect for a long walk with headphones or when traveling by train or airplane." I couldn't agree more.

photo by Eirik Lande.

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