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People are going to figure it out sometime. Right? Right? A mean Palin and McCain are lying. They are not telling us the truth. Even one of the most annoying media outlets (CNN) is reporting about Palin's lies.

This is a culture war. You care about education? the economy? the environment? or are you more concerned with social issues like the right to choose or the existence of christ. I mean its getting borderline alarmist here. You aren't going to care about having the baby or pondering the existence of a higher being if you are sitting street-side without a job or your house has been leveled by increasingly severe weather. Lets get real here.

Also if you didn't know only the McCain family knows what war is like. "Period." Like they have a monopoly on suffering so don't try it or bring it up.

If you do one thing today read the article by the esteemed Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders entitled, "This Election is Not a Soap Opera or a Football Game: It is About the Future of Our Country"

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