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I am beginning to feel like Winston Smith more and more everyday. Listening to the President select GW Bush Jr. this morning giving his "challenge" to the Democratic congress to pass offshore drilling legislation and Bush lifting the offshore drilling ban is both insulting and ludicrous. Bush proclaimed that "Failure to act is unacceptable," asserting that the Democratic-controlled Congress have been blocking progress on energy exploration and that "now, Americans are paying at the pump." Ohh really? It has nothing to do with the un-stablizing of an entire region from two wars that your administration started? One of which was totally based on lies.

Rahm Emanuel of my home state said it best "If the president wants to lower gas prices, he should stop hosting press conferences and start taking action...Releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and forcing oil companies to drill on the 68million acres they already control would be a good place to start." That's a hell of an idea. Or maybe? We think of doing something other than burning up fossilized dinosaurs in our vehicles? Maybe in the last 15 some odd years we require automakers to actually improve the baseline mpg. How about a law? That might have been nice. Or maybe the conservatives stick to their guns and let the market dictate the price?

The largest insult to all Americans is the fact that if we beginning drilling offshore that it would help our immediate situation. Does he assume that every single person in this country is a fool? That you just cruise out into the ocean and drop a line? That we are all proles and take his word as gospel? Why would we? He hasn't had a good plan for just about anything in almost 8 years. He is blatantly attempting to cast the democratic congress as villains and while this mess is partially their fault too, its a political ploy that is amature at best and insulting to every single citizen of this country that it was even suggested.

No more drilling. Let the gas prices go where the market decides and lets start looking at alternative sources. We are about 20 years past due on that. France and Germany as way ahead of us. If a dude with the name T. Boone Pickens is on board with alternative energy sources every other person should realize the benefits. Let the market run its course. In the meantime reduce, reuse, recycle!

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2 interested person(s)

DJ Platurn said... @ 7/15/2008 03:30:00 AM

Well said. That picture says it all with that snide fucking smirk!

eric said... @ 7/15/2008 11:04:00 PM

Amen brotha!!!Impeach the President!!

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