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Disrupt's debut album is Foundation Bit. According to Boomkat this "is just about the best appropriation of Jamaican dub and 8-bit dancehall you'll likely hear this year - with a slow paced skank and a filthy, uber-bassy production style that has more in common with king Tubby, Black Art and, for that matter, black magic than with any half-arsed wobble presets and lazy dubplates you just might have picked up these last twelve months."

Thats a pretty specific recommendation but if you enjoy Burial, Kode 9 and Skream and are a fan of dub and dubstep you should certainly check this out.

Buy: Get Foundation Bit here.

1 interested person(s)

oliver clothezoff said... @ 7/30/2008 04:41:00 PM

excellent. one of my fav dub albums of all time

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