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If you hadn't noticed Radiohead on the heals of slapping the music industry brass across the face with their buy-it-for-whatever price In Rainbows album they have a greatest hits release. I was a bit taken back to be honest when I heard the news. Radiohead never really struck me as a greatest hits type of band and I am always a bit puzzled when a band releases a greatest hits disc while still making records. Maybe these are all my personally held biases but I don't know just seemed odd.

What is very Radiohead to me is their creation of the "Nude RE/MIX" project. A couple of my favorites of the page are:

Mp3: Radiohead - Nude (Holy F**k Remix)
Link: Radiohead - "Nude" (Azeda Booth Remix)
Link: Radiohead - "Nude" (Son Lux Popularity Contest Remake)

ANYWAYS on to free stuff. Name your favorite REMIX off the page (can't be in the top 10) and why along with your favorite Radiohead track of all time. Please provide an email with your answer.

I will make an objective decision and pick one winner. Must be in the US. You'll get a copy of the Radiohead Greatest Hits record mailed to you. Good luck!

Update: Ahh this makes much more sense now. Thanks to reader CXL I just realized that this was not Radiohead's doing. It was not done with their approval. I enjoy Mr. Yorkes quote about the record, ""We haven't really had any hits so what exactly is the purpose (of the greatest hits album)?" Seems like EMI just stuck it to them for jumping ship to XL.

2 interested person(s)

CXL said... @ 6/08/2008 10:06:00 PM

EMI released it without needing their approval. Radiohead really had no say it in.


k. said... @ 6/09/2008 06:21:00 PM

thanks. makes sense. i was puzzled like i said.

thanks for the heads up.

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