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Obama is poised to clinch the nomination as South Dakota polls close. The super delegates are finally figuring it out and jumping ship for Obama. It is refreshing to see that we are going to get this right this time around. Looking forward to the next round. Old pro-war white guy versus charismatic proponent for change.

Next question is who is going to be VP? Lets sure hope its not Clinton like some want. I am liking Edwards.

Go Obama!

Update: Watching Senator Clinton's speech. Thought she was going to step down gracefully but like the true egomaniac that she is she did not. Almost classy but then....no. Then she tossed a cherry on the sundae by playing Ms. Turner's "Simply the Best." Even though she will not be the Democratic nominee. Arrg.

Congratulations to Senator Obama on being the first black american to lead a major party ticket in our history. Don't stop believin'. You are the democratic nominee and I am glad I can witness this great day in American history.

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