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Let me, like a lot of bloggers, self indulge myself for a moment. Pretend that from my home desk dictate to you what albums are of note for 2008. I had a difficult time organizing them from best to work but I did create a brief list of 11 albums. When I could I linked a Pitchfork's review of the record, if no review then myspace or some other type of related media.

My favorite record of this year. I know there is some detractors that say this has been done before (its recognizable 1960's and 70's R&B is undeniable) but listening to tracks like "Another Day," "Rope of Sand," and "Little Bit of Feel Good" are some of my favorite tracks of this year and they are all on this one album. Lidell's vocals and Gonzales and Mocky collaboration is fantastic. From the Ny Times..."lack of authenticity in popular music, complaining about unoriginal CD artwork and the influx of blue-eyed soul singers like Mr. Lidell. "Rip-offs, the lot of them!" Mr. Lidell said, deadpan. “Amy Winehouse is totally ripping me off."

Best rock/pop album. Some very addicting tracks. Nice record for the kids from down under.

Best dance/electronic record of the year thus far. Hard to imagine something surpassing this one. A tremendous record that shows the diversity of Osborne's expertise. The record stylistically floats around from acid house, to electro-pop to deep house. The record was made on his personally built computer and software. The only critic of Osborne I have is that is handle is a bit bland...I enjoyed moniker Soundmurderer so much more.

An ode to the late J Dilla this R&B record by hook provider Dwele is very nice. Dwele did the hooks for Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" and Common's "The People." Like his friend Dwele flourishes under the radar and adds another great record to his personal accomplishments. First single of Dwele's is "I'm Cheatin."

Who knew the Swedish could make good hip hop? I sure didn't. "The Building" is my favorite hip hop track so far this year.

In Memories was a better record but nothing can deny the quality of this album by the duo of chill. Check out the first single...thing has a serious beat.

Unreal record that harkens back to the giants of jazz. Check out "Tenderly" its the best track on awesome record.

Another jazz record. This fantastic one is from my home state jazz-Americana maestro.

RZA builds on his soundtrack success and makes a fanatastic as he returns as Bobby Digital for the 3rd and I believe last record.

Burial was all over the place in 2007 and blogs were praising the greatness of his Untrue album. Benga has released a dubstep record which I believe is Untrue's equal but I haven't read nearly the hype. No idea why. Maybe there isn't room for two dubstep albums in a bloggers music library but this record must not be overlooked. Its wonderful. Don't miss the track he did with Coki.

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MIA ALIEN said... @ 6/24/2008 12:57:00 PM

Dwele.Rza,Benga yes. -as for the others- I shalll listen...

Katie said... @ 6/26/2008 09:58:00 AM

I just checked out Jamie Lidell's myspace and I loved it! Please continue to call attention to awesome artists like him.

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