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I've never really been the largest MSTRKRFT fan. They seem a bit hipsterish but they do have a knack for making a great remix and they do a top notch job of switching up this track by the best dancer since Michael Jackson. MSTRKRFT remixes Usher's "Love in the Club." Check it out. Awesome break down at about 1:50 in.

Mp3: Usher - "Love in the Club" (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Another great example of their remixing talents is their work on Metic's "Monster Hospital" get that as well. You'll find it around on the internets.

All tracks taken down due to a DMCA request. Sorry. Please go to their myspace to hear the remix.

2 interested person(s)

supadupa said... @ 5/15/2008 11:33:00 AM

Link Not Found!! :/

oldschoolreunion said... @ 5/15/2008 12:42:00 PM

i so gotta hear this track )o:

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