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Friend and Oakland Fader DJ Platurn sent me this great 45 minute mix. I wouldn't recommend blaring at work as a lot of the tracks have that NSFW tag. The set is superbly mixed with clips from Bob Saget, Jack Black, Jay and Silent Bob with music from The Gap Band, The Beatnuts, Amy Winehouse, Black Sheep and others.

Its the Debauchery Mix and it certainly lives up to the title. It might have one of the best all time F-bomb medleys assembled on wax mp3. Check it out with no superiors or kids around.

Mp3 download: DJ Platurn - Debauchery Mix (140 mbs at 320) (sendspace)

1 interested person(s)

acufunkture said... @ 4/02/2008 10:28:00 AM

WIcked - have you heard any new stuff from the oakland faders?

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