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Thanks to Casi of Flamin' Hot Records for this one. Its called Sou Funk EP and features a remix of the Rocky Theme along with 3 Brazilian gems, all from Baile MCs. Check out my favorite:

Mp3: Mc Junior e Mc Leonardo - "Endereco Dos Bailes"

Buy: 22 track CD out in March. Check out here for more info.

photo by wili_hybrid.

3 interested person(s)

Tim said... @ 2/14/2008 02:58:00 AM

What happened with that Hot Chip EP?

k. said... @ 2/14/2008 04:28:00 PM

contest is over only two entered. ill be emailing them. sorry for the lack of follow up been kinda crazy here.


http://www.banksyunmasked.co.uk said... @ 2/26/2008 02:49:00 PM

Where can i get the ep?


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