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Texas house duo Ocelot mix from via Ocelot's myspace via No Love Lost Records. Here is what No Love Lost said about the mix:

"Coming straight off their very well received and much talked about “Ocelot Remix” of Swedish pop sensation, ROBYN’s current hit single, “Be Mine”, this U.S./U.K. based duo have seen fit to grace the No Love Lost Records Mixtape Project with its twentieth exclusive mix. The mix OCELOT have crafted is an absolute monster, spanning some 96 minutes and 39 tracks, all carefully selected and mixed within a millisecond of perfection."
They are absolutley right with artists Daft Punk, Stardust, Sinden, Run DMC mixed in with Ocelot originals the mix is solid. Check it out:

Mp3 link: Ocelot - No Love Lost Records Mix (Sendspace)

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