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Billary is slipping even more and there are reports that there might be an early exit for her. There are rumors that she never really was interested in winning but was taking one final stab at raising a bunch of money with Bill in a final fundraising campaign. Claims of a money grab is most likely a stretch. With Obama gaining steam and motivating the masses he will be difficult to stop. Interesting to see how New Hampshire shakes down.

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mari said... @ 1/09/2008 02:15:00 AM

I watched the Democratic debate before the Iowa primaries, well part of it, and change seemed to be the theme of the night; all the candidates said it was time for change, America is ready for change, etc. My cousin and I were discussing this the next day and we realized that we really don't know where the candidates stand on the issues. Do you have a website you can recommend so that we do our homework and actually get to know what these candidates are about?

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