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This track is up there for remixes of the year when I make the post later this week. Such a great remix here. Kind of went all new age sounding...love the twist on the piano. There is a Burial remix floating around out there on the internets as well (you on the Burial bandwagon yet?). Its very likely that two Thom Yorke lead tracks make the top 10 remixes of the year with this one coming in a close second to another one I have in mind. Check it out:

Mp3: Radiohead - "Videotape" (Ring Trick Mix)

Thanks to my friends over at Get Wierd Turn Pro for the heads up. Track was made available for free download from the Eraser site (good luck trying to navigate it).

2 interested person(s)

Alex said... @ 12/19/2007 08:15:00 PM

if you're feeling what i'm feeling, then maybe it's the xxxchange remix of "the eraser"...?

regardless, burial's remx of "where is home?" by bloc party has been getting a ton more spins than his remix of thom yorke, surprisingly...

been loving your blog this year. glad to have curious ears around!

k. said... @ 12/20/2007 12:03:00 AM

alex like where your head is at. thanks for stopping by the blog and the kind words. and lets just say that great mind think alike.

stay tuned best remixes of 2007 dropping shortly.

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