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Ocelot is a Texas/UK duo (?hows that work?) that specializes in dance, house and electro music. Jimmy Welsh and Cory Kilduff make up this tandem. They are signed to the iheartcomix label who happen to have a blog (check it out here). They are working on a new website site which isn't done yet, but in the mean time check out their myspace page for some killer remixes.

Wish I had some mp3s to share...go check the streams if you like house. You can get some mp3s over at the offical blog. Check out this one:

Mp3 link: Dragonette - "Competition" (Ocelot Remix)

1 interested person(s)

Banana said... @ 11/29/2007 12:23:00 AM

good track, fucking enjoyable - onya

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