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Nice conclusion to the weekend with Rage Against the Machine closing out the festival. They played about an hour and 20 minute jam packed set. The energy was up there, and all the classics from "Bombtrack," "Testify" and "Know Your Enemy" were played. They played a couple unrecognizable tunes as well which were either new cuts or tracks I haven't heard. They encored with "Killing in the Name Of" which was fantastic. Was able to check out Spearhead, UNKLE, and Muse. I wasn't all that impressed with Muse guess its not really my sound but enjoyed Spearhead and UNKLE.

The festival overall was great and spot was fantastic. Very happy I made the trip out from the windy city to check it out. Really in all my only complaint was the hip hop artists in attendance didn't get a fair shake. Lupe and Pharoahe Monch both had the 1:00 time slot which is pretty rough given that the Daft Punk and RATM didn't play till 9:00...thats 6 or so hours of desert heat and 10 dollar burritos until you see the main event. Ghost didn't manage a much better slot as well. I know alot of people head to Vegoose for the jam bands but I would have loved to see a single hip hop artist in a slot later than 4:00. Again happy I was there just wish some hip hop music was played in the twilight hours.

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