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Released last week. Incase anyone missed it. I am liking the whole anime cover art but maybe thats just me.

01. Good Morning
02. Homecoming (f/Chris Martin)
03. Stronger
04. Champion
05. Good Life (f/T-Pain)
06. I Wonder
07. Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit)
08. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
09. Drunk And Hot Girls (f/Mos Def)
10. Everything I Am (f/DJ Premier)
11. Good Night (f/Mos Def & Al Be)
12. Big Brother
13. Graduation (Skit)
14. The Glory

3 interested person(s)

maren said... @ 8/13/2007 09:02:00 AM

I like this much better than the bear with max headroom shades that was floating around a couple of weeks ago.

-Emma- said... @ 8/13/2007 09:54:00 AM

yea that glasses cover was a disaster, liking this one better. interested to hear the dj premier joint. it better not suck!!

DJ Dubstrong said... @ 8/30/2007 03:59:00 PM

It's on!

The whole 'Graduation' album here:


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