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I know Denmark and hip hop aren't typically associated and this is probably more pop than hip hop but there is certainly elements. Junior Senior's with have a special 7-song EP, Say Hello, Wave Goodbye which will come with the special U.S. release of the album on August 14th.

Check out a mashup crossing their "Can I Get Get Get" with a bit of Lil' Jon:

Mp3: Junior Senior v. Lil' Jon - "Can I Get Low"

Buy: Pre-order the record here.

2 interested person(s)

Bubbles said... @ 8/13/2007 06:59:00 AM

Skeet Skeet Skeet.
Hey, Hey, My Yo Yo.
A match made in heaven.
shame my external wiped most of my tracks, cause I really want to go back and listen to these tracks seporately agian.

Chuck said... @ 8/18/2007 09:52:00 PM

Yo, I always forget that your blog has all the good shit on blast !


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