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You know when you're approval rating is around 20% who really cares anymore if you let a criminal off the hook? I just wonder how long they were waiting for a distraction like the Glasgow bomb to come along and try and sweep this one under the media rug.

No 30-month sentence for I. Lewis Libby Jr., yet his conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice remains intact for what thats worth.

photo by Doug Mills of The New York Times

4 interested person(s)

bobby teenager said... @ 7/03/2007 10:04:00 PM

diggin the new color

like vermont independent college radio blogs?


Anonymous said... @ 7/04/2007 12:03:00 AM

It gets better. Today, "W" said he would not rule out a full pardon for Libby!!! WTF? What's it going to take to outrage the American public? It's obvious that the media can't be inspired to care for more than a day.

Anonymous said... @ 7/04/2007 06:29:00 AM

american public is numb. all they care about anymore is action movies.

e.z.duzit said... @ 7/06/2007 04:48:00 AM

Apathy is the new disease of the modern world.

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