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UNKLE has always been one of my favorite groups (in all its various incarnations) mostly because of James Lavelle's work. Psyence Fiction is quite possibly one of my all time favorite records. UNKLE's latest record is War Stories due out at the end of this month. A bit back I featured the Junkie XL remix of the first single "Burn My Shadow" which is an amazing club/dance track/remix. Be sure you check out the video here.

War Stories features some usual faces from past records of course Lavelle is there but Ian Astbury and Josh Homme show up again and 3d (one of the founding members of Massive Attack) is featured as well. If you haven't seen the art work associated with the new record look around its truely the things nightmares are made of. Here is a remix off the War Stories 4-track UK pre-order bonus disc. Check it out.

Mp3: UNKLE - "Burn My Shadow" (Jesse Somfay Mix)

Support: Be sure to get this record as all indications point to it being a fantastic one. Pre-order it here and here.

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