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Another close to another week. Working two jobs at the moment so things have certainly been busy. Last week was good. I got a chance to hang out at Pitchfork, talk to a quality cat and see some truly amazing fashions (seriously why must we relive 80s fashion? and does it kill to give yourself a bit of breathing room in your clothing?).

It was a bit bittersweet in that I was starting a new job (which I am thankful for) but had to miss out on De La Soul. Was able to see Cadence Weapon and Cool Kids perform, but Pitchfork's Balance stage was a bit weak in my opinion. The poster exhibit they set up was fantastic hopefully nobody missed it. Anyways check out some of my favorite links from the past week.

*Rootdown radio is back!
*Daft Punk b-side.
*Samples off the new MIA's new album Kala are available on this German website.
*Mike Vick is a jerk. Really low down if he is found guilty of all this dog stuff. Innocent until proven guilty I know but whatever is the case the dude was allowing shady stuff going on at his place of ownership.
*This crap really scares me.
*People that go to see Transformers and find it to be a good film worry me.
*Switch and Diplo go on tour.

Mp3: RJD2 - "Nappy roots over swls" (Thanks Mad Decent!)

Go Cubs! Have a great weekend everybody. The Flosstradamus winners will be picked this weekend. So enter if you haven't yet. Peace.

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