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Some nice things going on for the Sonics. I was a big Ray Allen fan, but his fragile ankles were a liability and hes on the downside of his career, so getting a top notch talent for him is fantastic (Celtics fans have got to be out of their mind right now...that franchise is hopeless...they are the new Clippers). Durant and Green is a great start to rebuilding. Can't wait...now lets just hope they stay in Seattle where they need to be.

On another note my other favorite b-ball squad drafted the most annoying dude in sports. I thought they needed a low post scorer? Uhhh Noah can't shoot to save his life and hes just a crappier version of Tyrus Thomas.

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e.z.duzit said... @ 7/06/2007 04:33:00 AM

Celtics might be competetive in the next couple year in the East if Ray Allens ankle hold up, but in 3 years time they'll be lottery bound.
Conversley, the Sonics with Lewis on the move, may struggle for the next couple, but the future looks bright. Good move snagging P.J.

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