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Its amazing how some bands/groups/acts can stay relivent over decades and others just seem to come out with the same old tired sound that they released on their debut. First Chemical Brothers are not one of those groups. They consistantly change with the times. Their new record We Are the Night is a fantastic example of this.

Midlake, The Klaxons, Willy Mason and Fatlip all show up on this record and take the Brothers' sound in a different direction from those wonderful Dig You're Own Hole days. While Fatlip's track is borderline terrible the featured single with Ali Love is fantastic and a sure fire summer jam (video here). The Brothers decribe the album as “the Chemical Brothers finest record yet, twelve tracks of psychedelic warehouse party acid music.”

You can listen to the ENTIRE album here. Here is a bonus track off the Japan edition of the album.

Buy: Pre-order We Are the Night here for only $9.99

1 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 6/29/2007 12:45:00 AM

...absolutely agree with you about the fatlip track - it made my toes curl. the rest's good tho'...

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