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First and foremost DON'T forget to enter the LCD Soundsystem contest! Contest ends Tuesday June 19th (winner announced Wednesday with who I'd like to see as friends). Posted this video yesterday but the link died. Check it out, its a wonderful thing to see. Here are some notable occurances from this week...

Aquarium Drunkard
Roots, rock, reggae! Fuzzy Animals bassist picks essential dub and reggae from the legendary Trojan Label. Also see AD's other reggae related posts here and here. Good stuff.

The Fader Blog
MIA's "Boyz" video is a must see. As talked about before video was filmed on scene in Jamaica. Cool video. ALSO dont miss the new TI and Wyclef Jean song "You Know What it Is." Only complaint is the song would be better sans gunshot samples.

Stones Throw
Can't wait for this! Peanut Butter Wolf does 7 different styles of music in 7 days. Day 4 ’70s dub & roots reggae 45s! Wow hopefully some audio of this will surface SOON.

Ny Times
Justice never sleeps. Iraq is not getting any better as they continue to "fail" to meet US set benchmarks. No progress and five more dead today.

One Day Later
Essential electro house from DJ U-Tern. Get at his latest show here (tracklist).

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