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Digital Invaders is a group of producers from around the world. Their new album is aptly named Invasion and features a gifted Chicago producer going by the name Bless 1.

I would describe Bless' sound as very Madlib-like which of course is a compliment. I can hear his love for Ayatollah come out in his beats as well. Now, we won't let his head get all big thinking he's the next Madlib but his track "Strong 78" which shows up on this free downloadable record is certainly impressive. Be sure to give it a listen its very well done.

Mp3: Bless 1 - "Strong 78"

Get the whole record here. All the sharing is legit so don't be shy. Download it and check it out. Also we are looking forward to Bless 1's album which is coming out soonish and is going to be free to download through his myspace so don't miss that either.

4 interested person(s)

Gaberockka said... @ 6/26/2007 06:37:00 PM

this would be dope if it either had lyrics over it, or it had some change-ups...it's a dope loop but as a stand-alone song it's boring

k. said... @ 6/27/2007 08:45:00 AM

well it is an instramental album...i would love to see Bless play out the track a bit more than a minute 50 but i am sure we will get a full look at what he can do on his upcoming record.

james said... @ 6/27/2007 12:24:00 PM

dope comp... def feelin the whole joint gonna keep my eyes open for all these cats... good lookin out

james said... @ 6/27/2007 12:34:00 PM

kinda like dj shadow meets dabrye, jay dee and boards of canada for a cuppa...

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