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First off thanks for everyone for doing the contest. By far my most successful and with alot of participation. So thanks again. Hopefully contests and give aways will be a bit more common place as we move forward.

Some of my favorites were Charles Barkley, Tina Fey, Charles Mingus and of course the reader that said they would like to hang out with me and my "mum." I agreeded with alot of the lists but the one list that I liked top to bottom was Maxifast's of Bruce Lee, Sun Ra, Fatlip, ODB and Diplo. I will be sure to forward your email to the people at DFA to send out your prize pack.

Its hard to narrow any friends list down to just 5 famous people but I think mine in no particular order would be (I am going with they have to be alive right now, so Abe Lincoln and MLK Jr. are going to be left off the list):

1. Oscar Peterson
2. Clint Eastwood
3. Madlib
4. Sofia Coppola
5. Giles Peterson

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