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Finally getting settled in. What a great place and what a drastic change from Vermont. Very very happy to be in the Midwest and soaking up one of the greatest cities on Earth. Enough about me lets get to business on some stuff to keep you occupied for the weekend. Hope everyone enjoys theirs! Peace.

This Feist remix by PocketKnife has been working overtime on my computer. Its a must listen. ALSO check out "Pro Nails" with Chicago's own Kid Sister and Kanye.

One Day Later
Essential elecro-funk track thanks to U-Tern.

Good Weather for Airstrikes
Get a LCD Soundsystem track and the Franz cover here.

Fader Blog
Official "Stronger" track by Kanye on that Daft Punk beat. I was too scared and took it down you can listen to it here. Also they have a LeBron theme song posted, it kinda sucks, but that is pretty much assumed when Paul Wall shows up. On the flipside Whale doesn't.

Palms Out Sounds
Get another remix of Pharaohe Monch's "Body Baby" here.

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