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Pharoahe Monch's "Body Baby" has to be the best hip hop and maybe just single so far this year. First check out the throwback (like 50's throwback) video here. Check out Optimo Espacio mix over at Fader Blog here. The single's remixes go in all different directions from rave to drum and bass. Check out another remix on the drum and bass kick...

Buy: Desire drops June 27th. I am beyond excited. Loved everything I have heard so far.

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Dangerscouse said... @ 6/03/2007 03:55:00 AM

Best single of the decade!!! OK maybe I'm gettin a bit over-excited but nothing recently has excited me as much as this....it's a real stop whatever you're doing and crank the volume up to maximum and dance like no-one's watching!!

I'm so excited I might piss my pants!!

Not too sure about the Sinden remix, but Optimo and Vicious Cycel remixes are bang on, and maybe the Optimo is better than the original.

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