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Looking more like a Phi Kap frat dude than your typical emcee, El Gant has talent. Along with talent he obviously has a love for acronyms with El Gant standing for Everything Lacking Greatness Accomplishes Nothing Tangible (which do you think came first the name or the acronym?).

Gant launched himself in 2001 when he was undefeated battle champion on MTV's DirectEffect. Since then he's released two full length albums, The Evolution of Execution Vol. 1 and Hungry Vol. 2. I haven't given his 2004 release a listen, but Hungry Vol 2 came out of leftfield for me. Its a solid album and this kid can really rhyme. He's got some good credentials from working with Kool Keith, Pycho Les of the Beatnuts, Paul Nice and Ill Bill. Check out a track:

Mp3: El Gant feat. Blanc - "So Simple"

Buy: Pick up his latest here on Nacirema Music.

2 interested person(s)

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