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First off thanks to all that gave me some love in the last post. Had a fantastic time up here in Vermont. The wedding was great and I feel so lucky to be married to such an amazing young lady. But lets get back into the swing of things with some more music.

Ta'Raach formely known as Lacksidaisycal, then Lacks, has appeared on numerous tracks by Detriot legends such as J-Dilla and Carl Craig along with working with Waajeed, Amp Fiddler and Dabrye. Ta'Raach's new album is part R&B part Hip-hop and all excellent. I def recommend that you check it out. Here is one of my favorite tracks on the album where Ta teams up with Joy Jones.

Mp3: Ta'Raach feat. Joy Jones - "Liberation's Lullabye"

Buy: Make sure you pick up this record...its rocking.

4 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 3/06/2007 09:36:00 AM

congrats on your wedding. :)

no honeymoon?

mike in va

k. said... @ 3/06/2007 09:56:00 AM

not till my wife takes the BAR exam in July. then heading someplace.

mikeill889 said... @ 3/07/2007 01:33:00 PM


and nice song pick, as usual!

bigT said... @ 3/08/2007 01:44:00 PM

I been hearing a lot about that album, the beats are supposed to be dope Detroit style.

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