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Seems like hype machine is a buzz with the new Timbaland record but after giving it a listen through and despite all the talent assembled, the record is pretty lackluster. After all the jams Timbaland was putting out in 2006 I expected a bit more.

Just about every track has a guest ranging for Justin Timberlake, Sebastian to the oddly selected Fall Out Boy. Another travesty is that the US buyers miss out on one of the best tracks on the record ("Give it to Me" & "Miscommunication" aren't half bad). The Japanese and British import have a bonus track that features Mathangi Arulpragasam aka M.I.A. Check it out.

Mp3: Timbaland feat. M.I.A. - "Come Around"
available at Spine Magazine as well.

Buy: No requests for re-ups please. Get yourself the entire record here or here. Record is out April 3rd. It is nice to see that Magoo made it back on the record though. Where the hell has that dude been? Also keep an eye on Floyd Nathanial Hill aka Danja (production) and Keri Hilson (vocals).

Thanks: Got this track thanks to Mr. Benzi. I've been looking for it ever since I saw the videos on uTube of MIA and Timbaland working together. Congrats to Benz for being in URB magazine's The Next 1000. Head over here to hear some of his exclusive refixes. He has a new remix record coming up and if you got his Clipse tape you know how great his mixtapes are!

2 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 3/28/2007 01:16:00 PM

the album was a big dissapointment for me.

Sean Donson said... @ 3/28/2007 06:14:00 PM

Definitely agree. The album really bummed me out.

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