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First off I really respect when an artist say forget this I am going to try something completely different, results be damned. Radiohead's Kid A and Shadow's The Outsider come to mind. RJD2's new album The Third Hand due out March 6th moves away from his classic sample/hip hop/electronic sound towards pop. Remember when we discussed him leaving Def Jux and going for more of a "pop route."

The record is going to be released on XL records. I've listened to it and still am undecided but who am I to criticize somebody that "plays all the instruments on a modern pop record, which takes in influences as diverse as folk, blue-eyed soul and psychedelic pop all underpinned with his trademark beats"? I can say this "Sweet Piece" is a dope track. The record is certainly a departure from what he knows is safe and what he excells at.

Head over to his myspace to check out 3 of the popier songs and here is a track that features classic RJD2 off the new album.

Mp3: RJD2 - "Murs Beat" (mixes into "Beyond" on the record)

Again alot of respect to RJD2. Dude is talented and one of my favorites. Love people that take chances and push themselves. That alone needs to be respected.

Pre-order: Get the new record from iTunes and get a bonus cut thats over 9 minutes with 4 movements. Record comes out March 6th! Don't forget.

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