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Lets start in some sort of stream of conciousness. Police performance was lackluster I was expecting something more. It should be noted that a suit vest only is quite the look. One I would not recommend. Who knew Rick Rubin was behind the Dixie Chicks album? I had no idea. John Mayer is a buffoon. John Legend is the dude, incredible. Mary J. finally got her due. Little excessive with the jesus talk but she is so talented. Deep breath....

Prince was looking good as usual and he got robbed. How was "Black Sweat" not thee male R&B vocal song of the year? I like Ludacris and his shout out to Bill O'Reilly was priceless but T.I. should have rap album of the year honors (I'd go for Game Theory but I knew that didn't have a chance). The Pussy Cat Dolls embody everything that is wrong with the music industry. Hudson > Beyoncé. The call in American Idol style voting thing they had running was ridiculously lame. Fergie frightens me. RIP James Brown. Christina A has pipes.

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Anonymous said... @ 2/13/2007 10:15:00 AM

I have to say I was actually pretty impressed by that performance Justin gave(The first one). I didn't know he could play piano like that. The stuff with the videocamera at the end was kind of weird though.

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