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Its a day to remember one of the greatest people in the history of the world. A heavy claim but something I believe whole heartily. Its so so sad he never got a chance to realize his ultimate goal.

Its no surprise that somebody of such promise, such vision, and such love would be cut down by hate and ignorance. Its also sad that today we have yet to realize his vision, yet to become one, and still cannot love each other as fellow humans. Maybe one day...maybe.

Rest in Peace Dr. King.

Mp3: Mr. Fingers - "Can You Feel It?" (MLK Mix)
Mp3: Common feat. Will.I.Am - "I have a dream"

8 interested person(s)

Flatlander said... @ 1/15/2007 03:27:00 PM

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe?
Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
Expediency asks the question - is it political?
But conscience asks the question - is it right?

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, popular, or political; but because it is right.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Scholar said... @ 1/15/2007 06:17:00 PM

Good to know that someone else thinks that Common joint is nice. When I mentioned it on my site, the overall response was pretty negative. I think a lot of heads are really turned off by will.i.am these days---that may lend to some skepticism.

I just read your post on Bisc1, and I had to laugh because dude fed me the same exact line. That must be some kind of generic e-mail he sends out. I'm kinda pissed, because I thought I was special, too...

k. said... @ 1/15/2007 06:43:00 PM

Guess its part of the game. Dude was cool when I talked with him through emails.

Its easy to hate Will.I.AM cause of how badly B.E.P. has dropped the ball but if you look past that and focus on some of the songs hes produced this year most of them are pretty damn good.

MIKE said... @ 1/16/2007 12:26:00 AM

will.i.am's solo had some dope beats.

B-Cause said... @ 1/16/2007 02:25:00 AM

Rest In Peace Dr. King.
Your spirit and vision will never be forgotten.

troy. said... @ 1/17/2007 10:55:00 AM

Off topic, but: New Banner = Noice

k. said... @ 1/17/2007 06:27:00 PM

thanks man. appreciate it. my graphic design skills are coming along...slowly but advancing.

Anonymous said... @ 2/20/2007 02:13:00 PM

wdup. Busy Bisc checkin in, I seen below that the word is I sent out the generics, That message was from me straight up. either or, thanks for the support. much appreciated... e.z.ness Bisc.

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